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BSc Marketing

Bachelor's Degree Programme

Provides students with the knowledge to plan and manage marketing activities and also additional competencies in other areas of business and general management.

BSc Marketing


The Bachelor of Science in Marketing provides students with the knowledge to plan and manage marketing activities and also additional competencies in other areas of business and general management. It equips students with managerial, numerical and analytical skills that every marketer needs. The programme has a curriculum that is enhanced with a contemporary and specialised focus on marketing. It will prepare students to be marketing professionals in any industry, including the public sector.

Today’s executives face the challenge of an increasing overlap and integration of business and management functions within their organisations. While they need to be specialists within their focused areas of responsibilities, they also need to maintain their grasp of general management and business. Singapore University of Social Sciences' BSc in Marketing addresses and meets these shifting needs and demands of the marketing profession within the ever-changing business environment. The programme will enable our Marketing graduate to be equipped with specialised marketing knowledge and also be competent in keys areas of business and management.

The programme is taught by faculty with globally recognised qualifications and extensive experience in academia and industry. In addition, industry speakers are often invited to give talks related to key topics of study.

As most students are also working professionals, the courses in the School of Business have been developed with an emphasis on work-based examples and industry linkages whenever possible. This may allow students to apply what they have learnt in their work domains after class. Courses are taught using a seminar style approach to instill confidence in students during group and open discussions and to encourage effective communication for the students.

Admission Requirements

Refer to general admission criteria for undergraduate programme.

Interviews will be conducted for all shortlisted applicants to assess their suitability in terms of their motivation and ability to complete the programme.

Financial Assistance

There are also various types of financial aid available to students who need financial assistance. Please click here for more details.

Programme Structure

Students are required to complete a total of 130 credit units (cu) to graduate with a basic degree, inclusive of 10 cu of SUSS core courses.

For students who are joining the July 2021 intake, the breakdown of the cu is:

  • 45 cu of Business compulsory courses
  • 30 cu of Marketing compulsory courses
  • 45 cu of Marketing elective courses (up to 15 cu of elective courses can be replaced by General Electives)
  • 10 cu of SUSS core courses
Module Types
10 cu
75 cu
Minimum 0 cu and maximum 15 cu
Minimum 30 cu and maximum 45 cu

This programme is suitable for applicants from any sector looking for a specialised marketing qualification with integrated competencies in key areas of business and management. This programme is also suitable for applicants with non-business qualifications and experience who are working towards a career switch into marketing.

Marketing careers include many specialisations, such as:

  • Advertising and Promotion, Public Relations, Corporate Communications
  • Customer Support Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing and Consumer Research
  • Product and Brand Management
  • Purchasing and Merchandising
  • Retailing and Wholesaling
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Services Marketing
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