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Morphology (ELG365)


Morphology is the study of how words are formed from smaller units called morphemes. In this course, students acquire the skill to describe morphological systems. The course also looks at the formation of new words and the ways in which words have changed over time. In addition, it discusses the form and function of open and closed word classes.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every July


  • SU1-Chapter 1; SU2-Chapter 7
  • SU2-Chapter 5 (Morphemes and affixes)
  • SU2-Chapter 5 (Tree diagrams, Ambiguity, Paraphrase)
  • SU1-Chapters 2-3
  • SU2-Chapter 6
  • SU2-Chapter 4

Learning Outcome

  • Analyse various elements of meaning in words of English and other languages
  • Construct an analysis of the different elements involved in the systematic organization of English words and sentences
  • Examine more specialized topics in English morphology
  • Formulate conclusions about the reasons why the lexicon of English takes its current form through an overview of the history of English
  • Illustrate a holistic understanding of the organization of the lexicon of English
  • Apply knowledge and understanding of the field to language-related areas (e.g., applied linguistics, English teaching, second language acquisition, lexicography)
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